Log 12-05-2012

The DM: To the left you see stairs ascending. To the right you hear sounds of stomping and growls. along with shouts of “Leeches! Vermin!” “Take my blood and choke on it!” and more.\

Miabe: “Ummm….”

Alerat: “Anyone know how good a dragon lich can see?”

Miabe: “Sooooo someone who doesn’t want to be here is probably a friend of ours, right?”

Miabe: “Like Mr. Choke-on-it there?”

Fez: “Yea, maybe we can get some help”

Miabe: “I mean, he’s probably got reason to be angry at…. whoever runs this place, right?”

Fez: “I dunno Alerat. I never fought one before yesterday”

Alerat: “I just don’t know how good my chances are for scouting forward, if you would want to hold fast for a bit.”

Miabe: “I think shouty guy would appreciate if we huuuu-rrry….”

Fez: “I can go take a look if yer scared”

Alerat: “Scared?”

→ *Alerat:* You creep up to the door and ease it open. Peering in you see a Silver dragon with blue lines glowing under his scales, as if his veins are glowing. There are shackles binding it to an ominous statue near the back of the chamber

Alerat: “Scared? Who you talk’n to?”

Miabe: makes shooing motion


→ *Alerat:* The room is dimly lit. The dragon is stomping around, kicking at the floor.

→ *Alerat:* I carefully allow the door to close behind me and I attempt to stay burried in the shadows

→ *Alerat:* All you can see is the statue a small pile of something faintly luminescent, and the dragon. The only occupant you can find is the dragon

Alerat returns to talk with Miabe & Fez after having stepped into another room.

Miabe: expectant look

Alerat: with his voice lowered, “Come here.”

Miabe: “What did you see? Well?”

Alerat: “Found a dragon, glowing blue and its alone.”

Miabe: can’t find a sharp response to that…

Alerat: It’s tethered to a statue and there is something else in the room that is glowing.

Fez: “was it our dragon or some other?”

Miabe: tilts her head, thinking

Miabe: “… Was there like a blue skull in there too?”

Alerat: “Yes, not the lich… this guy is of a silver breed”

Miabe: eyes widen

The DM: a shout from beyond the door “I will see you dead! Come and face me!”

Alerat: “I don’t think it saw me enter or leave the room, but I think it can hear us.”

Miabe: “We could make friends with a dragon. An angry dragon….”

Miabe: starts to smile

Miabe: “What are we waiting for? Let’s let him loose already!”

Miabe: heads for the door

Fez: “Ummmm… are you sure?”

Alerat: “Loose? Is that a good idea?”

Fez: “OK…”

Miabe: “Well yeah! He’s angry, he’s a silver dragon, they’re like, dragon heroes aren’t they?”

Miabe: “Come on!”

Alerat: “Dragon heroes?”

Alerat: “Evidently you know more about dragons that I do.”

Miabe: “Illiterate…”

Miabe: calls out “Hello?”

The DM: Miabe opens the door and boldly walks through. The dragon’s head snaps around as he glares at her. He growls out “Mere peons. Is your lich afraid?”

Miabe: “Heh, yeah he will be if he knew we were coming for him!”

Fez steps in front of the deranged girl

Miabe: pouts a little bit

The DM: “Well come then. Perhaps once I crush enough minions he will show his face”

Alerat: “Who are you calling a minion?”

Alerat: “We don’t serve this lich of which you speak. We want him to be more dead than he already is.”

Miabe: puts her smile back on “Oh, hee, no, let’s start again. Hi! I’m Miabe. And this is Allie and this is Fezfez. And we’re here to take out that lich… dragon.. guy. Wanna help?”

Miabe: visibly very excited about the prospect of meeting a dragon

The DM: “You… you are not the dracolich’s minions. Who sent you?”

Miabe: “Well… we kind of sent ourselves. He sort of wants us dead. Right, guys?”

Fez looks back at Miabe

Miabe: trying not to do a giddy little dance

The DM: “Then you must help me. The dracolich intends to siphon off my divinity, and give it to Tiamat. He has infected me with something which increases my anger constantly. Soon it will be beyond control, when that happens I will be helpless to stop his plan. You must not let this happen.”


Alerat: “The only reason we are not dead right now because of it is b ecause (points) her father stopped us the last time we faced him.”

The DM: “Then you have more allies coming? Excellent. Do you know when they will arrive?”

Fez: “Well that and the whole fenactery thingie”

Miabe: “Ummm well… you can count on us for now. Okay?” smiles wider

Fez: “Were it big guy. Dont thanks us all at once…”

The DM: The shacles on him pulse and glow. The dragon rears back and roars. When he looks back at you he has a maniacal grin and flexes his claws. He takes a step toward you then shakes his head as if clearing it

Miabe: “Ummmm sooooo let’s do something about that anger then…”

Miabe: still visibly excited “Just tell us what to do! Need something broken, need something unlocked…”

Fez:YOU are going to teach a dragon how to control anger… This I gotta see.”

The DM: “His bonds are unbreakable, and removing the spell will take too long. Were my divinity to spill out now it would vanish and return to the ethereal plane where I will be reborn. To do this you must slay my current form. The lich’s magic binds me here and I can think of no solution that will work quicker. Time is short. I will grant you a blessing to aid you. Now strike before this rage renders me mindless.”*Miabe:* “Oh hee don’t be silly. You guys have your talents too.” still trying to keep a handle on her excitement

Miabe: smile fades “You aren’t serious…”

The DM: “I can find no other way… this anger consumes me. Decide quickly.”

Fez: “So…yer just gonna let us kill ye?”

Miabe: deeply disappointed look

The DM: "If the lich completes his plan, Tiamat will gain the other half of the power… Io will be reborn, but the balance will be lost. All the power of Io bent toward evil…. this can not come to pass:

Miabe: “I JUST met a dragon and now he wants to die.”

Alerat: “Just our luck, right?”

Miabe: “I know!”

The DM: “You will not kill me. I am a god… Bahamut. When I fall I will reform in the ethereal plane. Then I will regroup my forces and rejoin this attack”

Fez slowly takes out his golden blade and approaches the dragon

Miabe: “… This gets better. I just met a GOD and he wants to die. You’re not going to hold this against us, right? You know this feels really weird? Wait— woah Fezfez, at least act reluctant!”

Alerat Alerat draws his blades as well.

Miabe: “You guys.”

The DM: The dragon quickly chants and casts a spell. You immediately feel stronger and more capable

Fez: “I will take no joy in this but I can see the need and will strike true”

The DM: Start of you turn roll a d61: No effect2: No effect3: Regain 1 encounter ability4: Regain 2 encounter abilities5: Regain 1 encounter and 1 daily ability6: Regain 1 daily ability and 1 action pointYou can forfiet the roll to spend a healing surge and regain an additional 2d8 HP

Alerat: “What Fez speaks is truth.”

Miabe: “This is awful. I don’t have to like it. Okay, dragon-god, it looks like we’re going to do what you want. But we’re not going to like it!”

Fez: out of the side of his mouth “Or hes full a shit and were gonna have to kill him anyways”

Miabe: scandalized look

The DM: The dragon’s eyes glow a deep red. He bares his teeth and lowers into a combat stance

Miabe: grumbles and grips her staff

Alerat since he’s asking for death, I’ll assume a flank

Fez Fez unleashes 2 bladed in a Shocking Twister

The DM: The dragon roars and forms a pillar of lightning forms in front of it

Miabe: “Watch it!”

Miabe: “I can’t believe I’m doing this…” casts Sun’s Illumination

The DM: The lightning moves to the right passing over Alerat

Fez Fez unleashes 2 bladed in a Shocking Twister

Miabe: “Ohmigosh! I’ve READ about that but seeing it in person, wow!”

Alerat wants to teach this thing some philosophy.

Miabe: “This is so amazing, I wish Daddy were here to see this!” Primordial Storm

Fez GRrrrrRrrrr!

→ Miabe: did bahamut actually ID himself as bahamut for us, or just that he’s a god

→ Miabe: I don’t think he said his name specifically. It was implied if you knew about Io being split

The DM: Bahamut lunges down at Fez snaping his jaws and raking a claw across him

→ Miabe: Miabe would know who this is


Fez: “That hurt!”

Alerat makes an attack to force the dragon to drop its guard.

Alerat will attack with some more philosophy in mind.

Miabe: Staggering Blast!

Alerat jumps in for a head shot

Miabe: Spectral Claw!

Miabe: “Nrrrr….!”

Alerat attempts another jumping strike

Alerat attempts another low strike with leg breaker

Miabe: another Primordial Storm!

Miabe: Chaos Storm!


Alerat takes another jumping swipe

Miabe: (( elemental shift → lightning ))

Miabe: Primordial Storm!

Fez: Brute Strike!

Miabe: wobbling

Miabe: Primordial Storm AGAIN!

Miabe: “Guys, I’m tired… how much longer is this going to taaaaaake?”

Fez: “For someone who wants us to kill him, he sure is putting up a fight!”

Alerat attempts to teach some philosophy

Log 12-05-2012

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