Log 01-02-2013

Miabe: hurries up, trying to finish the enchantments

Miabe: whispers “What’s he doing in there?”

Gwyddon: “Casting. We need to attack.”

Miabe: “Let’s just jump in then!” gives Fez a shove

Gwyddon: “Let us see if we can keep him busy…”

Miabe: suddenly turns very grey with sparkly quartz veining “Yeah, umm…”

The DM: Sarshan whirls around spotting intruders “YOU! How did you get here? It makes no matter. I killed you once already, perhaps this time I’ll leave you for my master?”

Miabe: “We’re not dead DUMMY.”

The DM: Sarshan “A minor technicality. Rest assure that this will be corrected soon.”

Miabe: “You’re a…. minor technicality. Hmph.”

Fez: “This ends NOW!”

Gwyddon: “You remember, Fez, do you not, Sarshan?”

The DM: Sarshan grunts as Fez cleaves through several bones “You were all beneath my notice. Even now you rate little concern.”

Gwyddon arcane arrows fly from Gwyddon’s sword for 20 points of damage.

The DM: The floor in the summoning circle ripples and contorts as the arcane energy build

The DM: the energy beams crackled over and through Gwyddon ((dealing 7 lightning damage)) but don’t seem to be impeded

→ Alison Ziesel: Miabe recognizes that this is a ritual circle, clearly one that is being used. The symbols and energies swirling around speak of summoning magic, but beyond that you can’t make out anything

Miabe: “Let me get a handle on that…” makes a winding motion with her staff in the direction of the summoning circle

Fez: “Hey, you got a little blood dripping there” evil grin

The DM: The energies whirl around an empty bubble in the summoning circle, but they seem undiminished

Gwyddon Gwyddon looks badass as he walking unperturbed through the lightning.

Miabe: angry whimper

Fez Fes circles around bringing both blades in (Shocking Twister)

Fez stops spinning but his eyes make one more lap

The DM: Sarshan roars at Alerat “Off my altar!” and attempts to shove him

The DM: Alerat is knocked off the altar and is sent sprawling on the floor

The DM: Sarshan will then wrestle with the magic hand to get free

Gwyddon: “Be still, beast.”

Fez: “Im over here you big lug!”

The DM: The a circle of red light begins to form on the floor of the ritual circle

Gwyddon tightens his fist and the hand of force also tightens.

Miabe: “You really, for real, honestly thought we were dead? Wow… I’ve met some dumb jerks before, but…”

The DM: Sarshan “Still your mouth wench. I care not for you. I have but one duty to perform, and you will not stop it”

Miabe:YOU care not for ME? I didn’t care for you first.”

Miabe: winds up and lobs a Chromatic Orb at Sarshan

Fez ducks

→ Alison Ziesel: You can see that the magic energy has been fully stored for the ritual. All that is left is to focus it and pull through whatever creature is being summoned. Apparently Sarshan is not done with his work yet

Miabe: “Guys… we’re kind of running out of time…”

Fez: “Why dont you just DIE!” (Brute Strike)

Bob Chubarov: “We’re trying to work on it.”

Gwyddon: “So try hitting him with a SPELL.”

Miabe: “Why don’t you go stand on the portal again?”

Gwyddon laughs.

Miabe: “Not joking.”

Alerat will stand as a minor action (Acrobat Boots – At-Will Ability)

Gwyddon: “I know.” Laughs some more.

Alerat will step back into a prone position.

Miabe: grumbling, grumbling, grumbling

Alerat will attack Sarshan with Easy Target to attempt to slow him

Gwyddon looks at the altar to see what’s on it that Sarshan is so concerned about.

The DM: Sarshan rears up and bellows out a cloud of ash

Miabe: “Ohh, oh! Keep stomping on there! That’s obvious! Keep it up!”

Miabe: “Break stuff Allie! You’re good at that!”

Alerat: "Oh, I was just trying to keep close to him… if you think it is helping, I’ll do my best to stay here.

The DM: Fez and Gwyddon are bathed in the searing ash ((19 fire/necrotic damage))

Miabe: nods emphatically

The DM: A mist of glowing flecks of energy rises from the floor of the summoning circle. The slowly begin to swirl around

→ Casey Garske: You see a book with a lot of script written on the page its’ open too. Several candles are arrayed, and there are a few jars and bowls and unknown fluids and powders

Gwyddon: e/ teleports to the altar, scoops up the book, teleports again.

The DM: You teleport to the altar, but sarshan fights you for the book, and you are unable to snatch it away from his grasp

Miabe: “I can’t believe this…”

Gwyddon: “If you want the book, fine. But eat this.”

Miabe: Miabe wavers and splits into four around the summoning circle!

Miabe: Chaos Bolt at Sarshan!

Miabe: Four angry wails

Miabe: “Wow, I look like that from the side… that’s alright I guess.”

Gwyddon: “Dwarf, there are four of her. Prepare to duck.”

Miabe: One grins mischeviously, one looks annoyed, the other two ignore the comment

Miabe: “I can see, like everything from here…”

Miabe: “Hey Fezfez is it always this splattery up in front? Ewww.”

Fez: “Well then don’t get so close. Stand back there by Miabe.”

Miabe: “I AM BY … ME!” said by three, one looking oblivious

→ Bob Chubarov: You see a book with a lot of script written on the page its’ open too. Several candles are arrayed, and there are a few jars and bowls and unknown fluids and powders

Fez pales as he notices the multi-Miabes

Gwyddon: “This is more disconcerting than the dracolich.”

Miabe: “How come no one told me I had a big tear in the back of my skirt…”

Miabe: “You’re just jealous.”

Miabe: “He’s totally jealous.”

Miabe: “I bet I’m creeping out Sarshan right now.”


The DM: Srashan begins to crumble and fall. Crying out "No… not yet… " he reaches out to touch his book. A mote of green light flies from his skull and into the fluid. The container shatters spraying its contents all over the room


Miabe: “Someone hit that!”


Fez: “Smote the mote?”

Miabe: “… Too late.”

Miabe: “Too late!”

Gwyddon: “Damn.”

Miabe: all four turn to look at the summoning portal

The DM: The motes of light swirling around the ritual circle roil and churn. They begin to settle into a signle sheet of light on the floor. Th surface ripples like water

Miabe: “Back up!”

Miabe: “Back up!”

Miabe: “Don’t stand on it— wait, stand on it.”

The DM: The urface of the opening portal strains and reaches as something on the other side is trying to claw through

Miabe: one Miabe is trying to fix her hair while looking at another

Miabe: “Oh thanks!”

Miabe: “What about meeeee….”

Fez: “Let me know if something bad is gonna happen”

Miabe: “Oh, something bad’s going to happen.”

Miabe: “You just stay in front of me.”

Miabe: “No, come stand in front of ME.”

Alerat: “Here?”

Fez: “I hope this is fun for you.”

Alerat: “This one?”

The DM: The portal surface tears open revealing 5 dragon heads which leap up into your world

Miabe: quadrophonic screaming

Log 01-02-2013

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