Fazir Al Imsa

Dwarven Fighter


Basic Information

Name: Fazir Al Isma
Nicknames: Fez
Titles, Affiliations: none currently
Race and Vitals: Gold Dwarf, 3’11", 185 lbs
Age, Birthdate: 50-ish, born in 1410’s DR or however old a young dwarf is
Homeland, Hometown: Calimshan, Calimport
Initial Alignment and Class: Unaligned (NG by 3E standards), Fighter, dual wielding
Faith: Ilmater (primary) Moradin (secondary – mostly traditional)

Notes From the Player

Appearance, Presence

Average height and build for a dwarf, which is to say: “short” and “barrel-chested”. Fazir has the basic shape of many other dwarves and that is where the similarities end. His dark brown skin and dark hair mark him as a Gold Dwarf as does is flair for the eccentric. While not exactly clean shaven, absent is the requisite long beard of most dwarves. Instead he wears an exaggerated push-broom moustache that stretches straight from one end to the other of his over wide face. His attire is that of the stylized fashion seen in the Pashas of the region: loose tapered breeches, an open chested vest and the always present wide low Fez. His speech is that of the uneducated and uncivilized but belies his above average wit and intelligence…for a slave.


Completely illiterate, Fez sees no practical purpose in education, however he secretly desires to one day make sense of the symbols of the educated.


Born a slave and sold off as soon as he was old enough to lift and carry, Fez knows of no formal family. His only family have been the fellow slaves and caravan guards that come to accept him once they know him.

OOC Background

Growing up a slave in Calimport, he has always envied the Pashas that rule the land with their caravans and riches beyond belief. He would often dream of being Pasha Isma and attending to his harem and piles of gold. Reaching adulthood Fez started to realize that his life was always going to be that of a nothing and silly dreams are the trappings of youth.

He awoke one night with the idea to put an end to his miserable existence. He thought: Better to do it while no one is awake to stop me. Heading out to the stable to secure a length of rope, he stumbled upon a most curious caper. The younger slaves we’re being led away by some humans and elves from the north! Thinking them thieves, he ambushed one to help the children. Holding the shadowy figure in his hand his eyes were drawn to the holy symbol hanging around its neck. This is a priest of Ilmater?!? He suddenly realized that they were not stealing the children but rather releasing them from lives of servitude!

Just then one of the house guards stumbled on the scene and gave start to what he was seeing. Before he could raise the alarm Fazir lunged at the man and drove his head into the door jamb. As blood pooled around the guards body, Fez realized that his life was truly forfeit. Just then a gentile hand came to rest on his shoulder and he looked up into the caring eyes of a very young priest. “Come. You can help” were all the words the young cleric spoke but it was enough to change forever the life of one young dwarf.

After spending a few weeks helping the cleric’s band abscond with the slave children, Fez said his goodbyes to them. Offers were made for him to come and join the church but there was suddenly a vary large world laying open to the young dwarf, and the opportunity to find his place was not to be missed. His physical stature and talent in brawling that he’d always had, led him to take up the sword and see if he could make a living at it.

IC Background

Fez is always looking for the next job. Any chance to interact with nobles is what excites the dwarf and any job one offers him is usually accepted. He seems to know quite a bit about slave life and the slave trade and any companion would probably guess that he was once in chains. He never brings his past up and if asked he just talks about the desert and the Pashas of Calimshan.


Fez is an outgoing personality that can fill any silence if it is to his advantage, a trait he picked up form the merchants he had spent the past years guarding. While at times he is embarrassed by his low born appearance he has an underlying pride and determination to better his situation. He has a special place in his heart for the downtrodden and a special disdain for those who practice slavery.


Shiny Nobles, dirty jokes, big swords and children’s laughter
Dislikes: Slavers, oppression, seeing children in servitude.

Combat Style

Fez wields a huge fan-bladed Scimitar along with his parrying short sword. His goal is to to one day be able to use 2 scimitars and slash with both like the dervishes of his homeland.


Learn to truly dual wield 2 scimitars. To one day take on his dreams of youth and rise to the noble level of the Pashas.

Possible Plot Hooks, Miscellaneous Facts

He is still wanted by his previous owners for his part in freeing the child slaves and killing a guard. Fez spent the last few years travelling with merchants and knows how they operate. He has seen many a fool be relieved of his financial burdens and wants to avoid a similar fate.

Fazir Al Imsa

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