Alerat Qedrif

Half-Elf rogue


Basic Information

Name: Alerat Qedrif
Race and Vitals: Half-Elf
Age, Birthdate: 16,
Homeland, Hometown: Luskan
Initial Alignment and Class: Unaligned, Brawny Rogue – Brutal Scoundrel
Faith: Sehanine

Notes from the Player

Alerat Qedrif (Ale-rat or Al-a-rat) was born and raised in Luskan. Alerat was raised primarily within a human community, which as Luskan goes, in a rough neighborhood. He was born of poor, but loving, half-elf parents, youngest of nine children. As is unusual for half-elves, his parents had lost their wonderlust. It has been undetermined if the kids caused them to settle down or if they had decided to do so prior. Anyway, not only was he the youngest, he was also the smallest of the seven boys. Being in such a large family with little resources, Alerat was always looking for acceptance.

The family’s moral standards were high. Schooling was not abbreviated in attempt to employ them in monetary affairs. However, the poverty of the family lead to other insidious problems. Due to the effort required to fund the family, the children were not well monitored at home. This lack of monitoring allowed the lot to find an additional “family”. And within Luskan, these “families” were certainly lacking in the ability to reinforce a proper moral compass.

From a very young age, Alerat was picked on and barely tolerated by his older brothers. They were older, bigger, stronger, and fell in with crowds more interested in brawling, fighting, and generally causing a ruckus. They provided incite into the type of trouble that follows these types of activities. Due to this negative treatment and exposure of his brothers’ and friends behaviors, he learned to understand that brute force has its advantages. Yet, he felt there had to be a better way to leverage its use. There was continuous effort to become stronger and bigger, but he was also learning that a quiet, meager facade would keep trouble from openly affecting him. He would use this newly found knowledge to his advantage. Alerat began to teach himself the ways of stealth and thievery to compliment the brawn of intimidation.

His stealth and thievery attempts started with trinkets and items in plain view with little or no value. However, he couldn’t figure out what to do with the items he took. Therefore, he began to populate a hidden compartment with his items until he could be rid of them. By chance, during one of his many theft attempts, he was caught. The guy turned out to be a fence and decided to work with this kid instead of causing trouble. Therefore, with a fence at his access, he would later collect the money for his items.

Now that he had income, what would he do with it? He chose to anonymously gift this money to his parents. With this mysterious income, mom and dad slowly became more accessible to the family. Unfortunately, the reintroduction of parenting into the family was too late. Much of the kids’ social activities went uninterrupted.

After a while, since the parents were around more often, his brothers started to suspect he had doing something for a while, just not what. They started to realize that the gifts would appear in proximity of times which he would be off on his own. Once it was realized that Alerat was conducting clandestine acts on a periodic schedule with frequent success, they were able to identify the further lucrative potential this could bring in. Therefore, he was then seemingly accepted and brought into their social circle.

Alerat became the chief, and only, operative for the group. At first things were pretty simple. While walking down the streets or within establishments, a slight of hand here or there would grab some coins or trinkets that someone may have noticed and wanted. However, over time, the group’s demands grew in frequency and in scale. Alerat ended up being more of a tool than a friend, yet didn’t notice it. Alerat was getting the attention and what seemed to be acceptance, so he was happy.

As time went on, Alerat was pretty accomplished. Wasn’t caught often, and when he was, his brawn background allowed him leverage using his own intimidation and money to convince the offended to back down.

That is until his world was turned upside down.

Over time, even the people who didn’t catch Alerat and did not know who robbed them began to suspect him. Obviously, they also knew what crowd to which he belonged. Eventually, one of the trinkets which Alerat stole was identified while in the possession of its new owner, a group member. Well, they decided to take things into their own hands. They knew that there wasn’t going to be anything that they could effectively do to Alerat or the group, they weren’t strong enough to challenge one regardless of the rest of the group. Instead, they chose to punish the entire family and had a hit placed on Alerat’s parents.

Due to this brutal retribution for his actions, Alerat concludes that the acceptance he had spent his youth trying to find is overrated and removes all ties with his “friends” and family and chooses live only with, and for, himself. He further determines that everything he’s ever done to enhance his parents’ life was what ultimately took it away. Therefore, if he isn’t close with anyone, then there is no one but himself to receive the retribution for his actions. Alerat abruptly leaves Luskan in search for a new place to call home. It wasn’t long after his departure from Luskan that he discovers that wonderlust is not just a stereotype. He reasons that someone with his skills and abilities doesn’t need any one place to call home. Being a hired hand also has its advantages; no strings attached. Get the job, do the job, get paid, move on. Whatever retribution that befalls the hiring party is none of his doing. Someone else would have done the job if it wasn’t him.

Alerat Qedrif

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