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This game meets on Wednesday nights around 8:30 PM through Tabletop Forge.

Campaign Setting

This campaign loosely uses the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. The location names and map are used, but other elements are added and modified as needed to suit the story.

Plot Synopsis

Module 1 “The Vault”

Based off of: Unknown Level 1 RPGA module

The party was hired by Deskyr Thanterim to recover some valuables from his families vault, in their former home of Urmlaspyr in Sembia.

Synopsis of the adventure sessions.

Module 2 “Spellgard”

Based off of: FR1 – Scepter Tower of Spellgard

Deskyr Thanterim was very pleased with the results of the previous job and rehired the party. This time he wanted them to travel to the Ruins of Spellgard to meet an oracle. He has an important question that he feels she can answer.

Synopsis of the adventure sessions.

Module 3 “The Academy”

Based off of: Danger at the White Lotus Academy

Deskyr Thanterim was again excited by the party’s accomplishments. He wanted to do something special for their reward, and made arrangements for the wizards at the Purple Knights Wizard Academy to perform a few rituals for them. He also asked for the party to retrieve an item they were researching and return it to his offices.

Synopsis of the adventure sessions.

Module 4 “The Mask”

Based off of: Heathen

The party ventures into the Giant’s Run Mountains after the paladin, Jarkeld, that Deskyr Thanterim sent to retrieve the Mask of Blood. The find that an evil group of cultists including gnolls and orcs have been terrorizing the folk living on the frontier. When they investigate further they find that Jarkeld has been dominated by the mask and taken over leadership of the cult. They are forced to kill Jarkeld in order to release him from the mask.

Synopsis of the adventure sessions.

Module 5 “Lantheon”

Based off of: The Shadow Over Innsmouth

As the party travels toward Sarpadia to attend the auction, they are forced into a run down town named Lantheon. Before the night is through the townspeople have attempt to trap them, and apparently desire to sacrifice them in some ritual. The party has a hard fight all through the night in order to escape that vile place.

Synopsis of the adventure sessions.

Module 6 “The Auction”

Based off of: ???

The party returns to their previous goal of reaching the auction in Sarpadia.

Synopsis of the adventure sessions.

Module 7 “The Pasha”

Based off of: ???

Fez had connections with the church of Ilmater, who had been rescuing slaves from Calimshan. They had taken something from one of the Pashas, and were being hunted down and killed over it. The party agreed to intervene and attempt to settle the problem.

Synopsis of the adventure sessions.

Additional Information

Quotes: This is a page that holds the memorable quotes from the campaign.

Miabe’s Spellbook

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