Miabe: I bought your candles!

Fez: Run!

Miabe: Miabe is partly injured and ignoring the fact that Fez and Alerat are nearly dead, while gathering scales

Miabe: “Lookit you all, we just took out an AVATAR OF A DRAGON GOD so we should be doing things with the corpses!”

Miabe: “Because seriously? I’m wearing THIS, and I will advertise this!”

Gwyddon: “Miabe, we should probably try to reverse the portal. Get back to Ton.”

Miabe:WAIT! There are dragon scales all over the place!”

Miabe: “I mean, Daddy can wait a few moments….”

Gwyddon: “We spend months and almost get killed HOW many times and all you want to do is pick up shiny things?”

The DM: You are able to scrounge up a large number of scales. They are of all colors and various quality. COncerned that some of the damaged ones will be no good you stuff all you can find in your pack

Fez: “I think we should be Dragin our asses outta here!”

Miabe: “Who are you, even, you just cropped up a little bit ago?”

Miabe: “Oh WOW…. Fezfez…. I’m SO SORRY…”

Miabe: “You look AWFUL….”

Miabe: “Look, umm, hmm… I can make a fort for us. But, yeah…”

Fez: “Whatever…search the bodies…grab the loot and lets get back to Ton and Thad”

Fez: “Poor Thad…”

Miabe: *hurt look!"

The DM: As you are searching the room, you happen to notice that amongst the brick a brack and other items Alerat stomped on the altar is an intact crystal ball

Miabe: “Fezfez, I’m so sorry! I’ll make a place for us to rest, honest, right soon…”

→ Bob Chubarov: I’d like to search for hidden doors

Miabe: whenever we go outside, I’m casting that ritual

Fez: “oh yea…the fenactery thingy”

Gwyddon: “We should probably search for Sarshan’s phlyacraty.”

Miabe: “We lived! We totally lived! Look, we should take care of — ouch — dragon bites…”


Miabe: whines

Miabe: “Daddy…”

Fez: “So how in the nine do we get outta here?”

You not found!

Miabe: “Look, Fezfez… we’ve done pretty good so far…”

→ Bob Chubarov: You scan along the walls, but everything seems to be sound construction, no openings that you can find

→ Casey Garske: The room is pretty well filled with magic. The residue from the sumoning ritual pervades the space. Trying to look past that you can tell that a few of the items on the altar are magical. But fairly mundane things. Reagents and the like

→ Casey Garske: nothing on there looks like a phylactery though.

Alerat: “So, who has the plan for going to our next local?”

Gwyddon: Sense the Presence of MagicMake an Arcana check to sense the presence of magic in an area. Typically creatures use the skill in this way when no magic is observable, but they suspect it is present. Action: Standard action. The creature attempts to detect each source of magical energy within a number of squares equal to 5 + its level, ignoring all barriers. DC: Hard DC of the creature’s level. The creature automatically succeeds in detecting any source of magical energy within range that is five or more levels lower than its level. Success: The creature detects each source of magical energy within range and learns its power sources, if any. If a source of magical energy is within line of sight, the creature pinpoints its location. If it’s not within line of sight, the creature knows the direction from which the magical energy emanates but does not know how far away it is.

Miabe:HELLO EVERYONE! We are going to collect evidence of our valour here. And then we’re going to rest, and move on. No?”

Fez: “What about the fenacery?”

Alerat: “Oh, yeah, forgot about that thing.”

Fez: “Flap-jackery?”

Miabe:LOOK. We have survived this! You all shouldn’t forget that!”

Gwyddon: “The lich keeps his soul in a small item. Usually a gem or piece of jewelry. If we do not want the dracolich to seek revenge, we should find it.”

Miabe:WELL YEAH, mister Gwyddon, go find that now!”

Alerat: “Wouldn’t keeping that thing ensure that he’d come to find us?”

Miabe: “OHhhhhhh Alliebro… you are so desperately naive…”

Gwyddon: “I sense…more magic to the east and south…”

Miabe: keen look at Gwyddon

Gwyddon follows his magic sensing to the next room.

→ Bob Chubarov: You don’t know much beyond that lich’s have phylacteries which are important to them

→ James LaManna: You know that phylacteries are bound to the life of liches. YOu’re not sure how, or what that means, but you know that for lich’s souls to be truly released from this realm the phlactery must be destroyed

Fez: “We need to find and destroy that phenallacy”

Miabe: “Look you total-jerk, what is going on in your head, huh?”

Alerat: “Look who the jerk is now.”

Fez follows Gwyddon with blades drawn

Gwyddon: “I do not want to be killed by a vengeful draco-lich.”

Miabe:SHUT UP.”

Fez: “I don’t want to have to kill him again”

The DM: As you exit this chamber you see a large set of doors, these presumably are teh exit of the temple. Gwyddon can sense some magic from them. YOu travel down the hall east and see 1 door on the same side as the temple, and 2 on the opposite side.

Miabe: “Look, we need scales, and a LOT OF THEM now.”

The DM: You open the door and find a chamber that is filled with all manner of items. Bones of various shapes and sizes are hung on the walls. In one corner is a large pile of gems and jewels. In another corner you see an ornate obsidian pedastal with a large black opal resting on it

Miabe: “And then I will make a fort for us. Got it?”

Gwyddon: to the opal…“Hello. Who are you?”

Gwyddon examines the opal.

Fez: “Wheres that bag of holding!!!”

Miabe: sighs

→ Casey Garske: The opal is emanating strong magic. The treasure pile is not, nor are the bones


→ Bob Chubarov: search this treasure room for hidey holes.

The DM: As Alerat slowly moves along the walls feeling the stones. His hand suddenly sinks into the wall, pushing a small stone in with an audible click.

The DM: A section of the wall rises into the ceiling, revealing darkness beyond

Gwyddon takes out his sword and smashes the opal.

Alerat steps into the darkness searching for anything that he can find by sight.


The DM: A large crack forms in the opal. A spray of purple flecks begins to spew out of the opening

Miabe: sighs deeply

The DM: The room has no light at all so Alerat progresses slowly and feeling around. The walls are damp and don’t seem to be adorned with anything.

→ James LaManna: Fez can see a number of mounds in there. Irregular piles, some make you think of gravel, others perhaps bricks. A few are so mishappen that you have no idea what they might be

The DM: With the second blow Gwyddons sword cuts the opal in two. An explosion of purple sparks erupts from it. Then the glossyness of the opal’s surface fades to a dull black

Fez: “Watch out for those piles of debris”

Miabe: “Ooooooohkay so you’re breaking things now…”

Miabe: "LOOK WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE and pick up all the scales!

Gwyddon: “There. I feel better.”

Gwyddon: “You need light?”

Alerat: “Light? Yes, please!”

Gwyddon cast light

Miabe:LOOK, then we’re getting out of here if everyone can walk out!”

Miabe: serious look

Gwyddon: “Yes, we can leave any time now that the lich is dead for good.”

Alerat: with a nice echo… “But I found something!”

Alerat: “Don’t know what yet, but it sure is damp and slimey in here.”

Miabe: “Okay so look, you guys? I can make a fort for us. JUST GET OUT OF THE DANGER ZONE and I can do that.”

Miabe: flat look

The DM: The room begins to glow and reveals teh piles that Fez saw. You see 3 sorted stacks of coins, two silver and 1 gold. A pile of ingots of precious metals. A pile of large cut gems. Another pile is heaped weapons, glowing magical to Gwyddon’s eyes. Then there are two piles of bones.

Alerat: “Guys!”

Fez passes out

Gwyddon: “Or maybe we can wait a bit…”

Alerat: “I need hands in here!”

Alerat: “And that bag.”

Miabe: “Wait, what, this is more valuable than your hides, huh?”

Alerat: “I found the honey hole!”

Miabe: stomps off away

Gwyddon: “Use the Pasha’s map and shovel it into the other treasure room.”

Gwyddon: “I am DEAD serious.”

Alerat: “That will work too… but there is a bunch here, this will take time.”

Miabe: “Yeah and I’m not giving a fig for your serious.”

Miabe: *continues to make the ritual-made shelter…"

Fez: “Whaaaa?”

Fez awakens

Gwyddon: , Fez, and Alerat shovel all the gold and treasure into the Pasha’s former treasure room.

Gwyddon: “Everybody ready to try the big door?”

Gwyddon: “I know Miabe is.”

Miabe: flat look

Miabe: “Look, we need to get out of this hole.”

Miabe: tries to push out to the surface

Miabe: “Look where are we even naaaaoooooow?”

Fez: "Yea, lets get outta here!

The DM: The big door opens easily revealing the outside. The temple is in clearing of a dense forest. There is a trail leading from the door through the trees

Miabe: “Daddy and Taddy are waiting for us, somewhere… I hope!”

Fez: “Poor Thad…Mabe we can afford to get him some new fingers?”

Miabe: “Okay so… Fezfez I’m sorry but you’re like totally bleeding. So is Alliebro right?”

Gwyddon: “Oh, shit.” takes out his map with his calculations on it.

Miabe: “Look, I can totally make a cabin here!”

Miabe: prepares to cast That Ritual

Miabe: “Just watch me!”

Gwyddon: “Yes, make your cabin. We are a long way from Ton again.”

Fez: “Well, this time we travel in style!”

Miabe: brews up a cabin, set in the woods, for all the party to rest in

Miabe: flat look

The DM: The night passes quietly. You are well rested within Miabe’s conjured hovel

Miabe: “Fezfez… Alliebro, how are you feeling?”

Alerat: “just fine, happy to be alive!”

Miabe: smiles broadly

Fez: “So…How far is it back to Darrowtown?”

Alerat: “being rich doesn’t hurt either.”

Miabe: “You can thank me any other time.”

Fez: “Maibe, do you have any way to contact your father?”

Gwyddon: “Miabe, do you have a ritual for sending a message to Ton?”

Alerat: “So, do you think they are still where we left them?”

Miabe: “Hmm… yeah. We should.”

Gwyddon: "Do not waste words. Tell him Sarshan and Tiamat are dead. Sarshan for good.

Miabe: “Daddy, we lived and killed Tiamat’s avatar. We don’t know where we are now. We are coming back!”

→ Alison Ziesel: Ton’s voice responds “Find out where you are. I will come find you. Please be safe!”

Miabe: makes a noise much like I just did

Miabe: “Daddy will find us!”

Miabe: beatific look!

Fez: “Was there a way back through the way we came?”

Miabe: “Look, all I want is a pile of scales! So don’t run off without that!”

Gwyddon: “Let us go to Suzail and hire a wizard to teleport us to Daromar.”

Alerat: “I like that plan.”

Miabe: plain look at Gwyddon

The DM: You spend the day walking to a nearby town. Purchase a team of horses and a nice carriage, which you drive to Suzail. Quickly you hire a wizard to teleport you to the south.

Miabe: “We’re that close to that country?”

Miabe: mind is boggling as she toys with the multi-coloured scales…

Gwyddon gives the wizard a big tip.

Gwyddon for extra accuracy.

The DM: You step out of the portal and into the streets of Darromar. The place seems deserted, there are people loading carts and driving them out of the town. THe palace is still in the shape it was in when you left. Badly burned, but some portion still standing

Miabe: *scribbles in her book periodically(

Miabe: ….. “I want a place to sleep!”

Alerat: “You haven’t have enough sleep yet?”

Miabe: “And bathe! And eat!”


Miabe: adamant look

Fez: “Whats going on here?”

Alerat yells as loud as he can as he clears the portal, “THAD! Where are you!”.

Miabe: “I have no idea what settlement we are in, but I’m worried about our poor Fezfez. And you, Alliebro, maybe a bit.”

The DM: a dirty face looks up at you “Ye must be daft or jus’ arrived. The palace’s been sacked, it’s that smokin rubble yonder. Ain’t no one taken charge, so I’m gettign outten ‘ere. Same as alla rest. If ’n yer smart ye’ll turn round and go back a way ye came”

Miabe: “Errrr… what year is it, little flippant person?”

Fez: "Lets go check out the palace for Ton or the last place we hid out in for Thad?

The DM: He just shakes his head and turns back to arranging his cart

Gwyddon: “The palace and then the inn we last stayed at maybe.”

Don’t not found!

Miabe: “Fiiiiiiiineeeeee….”

Gwyddon: “Where we killed Corby.”

Miabe: winces

Miabe: “I don’t feel good about that, you know.”

Fez: “What was the name o that place…The Flatuaent Unicorn?”

The DM: The palace is much as you remember it. Some of the surviving finery and decorations have been taken away though. You don’t find Ton inside

Miabe: wistful look at Fez

Gwyddon: “Is there a temple to your god here, Fez? Thad might go there for healing.”

The DM: As you walk past the inn you stayed in, you see that it has been boarded up. Through the boards you can see that much of hte inside has been cleaned out. Whethere by the owners or looters you can’t say

Miabe: eep!

Miabe: “Look, I just wanna find Daddy and Taddy….” wistful look

Fez: “maybe the holy district is where the hospital is? Maybe we find Thad?”

Miabe: hopeful look at Fez

The DM: Asking some of the folk around they direct you to the temple district. There is a small shrine to Ilmater where they claim healing is being offered to any tat go there

Miabe: strikes a confident pose “Look, we will find Daddy and Taddy. Like right away!”

Miabe: strikes off in exactly the right direction…

The DM: At the shrine you see cots and mats rolled out where injured folks are resting. You see Thad roaming between the wounded adjusting bandages and applying poultices.

Miabe: shrieks loudly and repeatedly


Alerat: “Thad!”

Fez: “Thad!”

Miabe: waves her arm back and forth

Miabe:TADDDDYYYY come here!”

The DM: Thad immediately looks up at the shriek and quickly spots you. He shouts and runs in your direction as well “Where did you go? What happened? How did you get back?”

Fez: “Yer fingers?!?”

Alerat: “How is the hand, boy?”

Miabe: “Ohhhhh I missed you SO MUCH!” * clutches Thadius in a bear hug*

Fez: Big smile

The DM: Thad’s hand is half covered in bandages. Self consciously he stuffs it in a folkd of his robe at Fez’s commetn “Yes.. its fine now. Not to worry. What of yourselves ?”

Miabe: “So tell me where is Daddy, and how did you rest good?”

Miabe: still clutching tightly at Thadius

Miabe: hug hug hug

Gwyddon: “Was he struck mute?”



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