Log 01-16-2013

Fez: “What the 9 hells is THAT?!?!”

Miabe: “We took waaaaaaay too long…”

The DM: Tiamat’s red head looks around “You … you are not my priests…. what have you done!”

Gwyddon: “We have killed him. And now you.”

Fez: “Sorry, we killed them as fast as we could!”

The DM: Tiamat says “They were weak creatures of flesh. I am a God. You will not find me so easy to dispatch.”

Miabe: “That looks really confusing, having five heads…”

Gwyddon sends a Arcane Arrow at the Red and Blue heads for 20 points of damage each.

Miabe: “At least Bahamut looked normal!”

Gwyddon: “You have four bodies, Miabe.”

The DM: Tiamat “Pathetic. You are fit only for a snack to welcome me to this realm. My new dominion”

Miabe: “And the proper number of heads! Geez…”

Alerat: "I don’t know, but I’m sure it isn’t going to be as graceful as Bahamut.

Miabe: one Miabe scurries away while the other three chant Sun’s Illumination

Miabe: “What if you like, blind one head, how does that work?”

The DM: Tiamat’s black head rears up and turns to the closest target (assuming it’s Fez) and belches out a vast cloud of ash.

Miabe: one Miabe disappears in a flicker of light

Miabe: “Woah… that was HORRIBLE!”

Miabe: “That was like, actually dying. Almost!”

Miabe: “I know.”

Fez taunts the heads closer and lashes out with a sweeping cut

Fez: “Cut,Cut,Cut,Cut aaaand Cut.”

Miabe: “Wow… glad you’re still not covering me, Fezfez.”

Alerat jumps in for a flying attack.

Miabe: “How come everyone is so confident? This is TERRIFYING. You’re all so calm!”

Miabe: “You’re not…”

Miabe: “Waugh, this is happening too fast!”

The DM: Fez’s vision clouds briefly and suddenly he sees one of Tiamat’s heads on the altar. he is overcome with the urge to destroy it and charges

Gwyddon a magic missiles fly from his sword tip.

Gwyddon conjures hands of force to choke Tiamat.

Gwyddon: “Now I have you, you prehistoric bitch.”

Miabe: two Miabes start chanting together “Let’s see if you get along with yourself NOW.”

Fez – eyetwitch

Miabe: starts giggling in concert at the sight of Tiamat’s battling heads

Gwyddon: “Impressive.”

Miabe: “Tie a knot!!!”

Alerat: “What the… ?”

Miabe: “This is what happens when you have the wrong number of heads per body. Unlike me.”

Miabe: “Yep, it’s true.”

Fez winds up for a whirlwind attack

Miabe: “Maybe we could just leave her alone for a while. Come back later.”

Gwyddon: “You are bad at being a dragon god.”

Miabe: “Did you see that!”

Miabe: self-congratulatory crowing

Miabe: “I bet Bahamut would SO LOVE THIS.”

Miabe: “… That was just silly.”

Gwyddon: “Why art thou hitting thouself?”

The DM: Tiamat Shrieks in rage “Insipid mortals! You will die!”

Miabe: “I finally found someone I can work with!”

The DM: Alerat becomes confused and disoriented. He shakes his head to clear it and spots a dragon head sneaking up behind him and charges


Miabe: Miabe’s robe makes a keen ‘plink’ noise

Miabe: “You don’t even know how mad I am right now.”


Miabe: a very angry Miabe

Alerat will move back into melee range and attack the red head

Alerat will teach Tiamat a bit of how a rogue can fight (Scoundrel’s Philosophy)

Alerat will take a slaying strike against Tiamat (high crit ability)

Alerat will use his second wind as a minor action

The DM: Alerat’s blade sinks deeply into the red neck. He feels it grate along the spine until he feels something snap, then with a spasm the head falls limply onto Tiamat’s body

Miabe: “That’s kind of gruesome…”

Miabe: “I still like the knot idea.”

Gwyddon: “This does not have fine motor control.”

Gwyddon smashes the green and blue heads together.

Miabe: “Fine, this is silly and I LIKE this spell.”

The DM: The green head curls its neck and rises above it’s body

Miabe: “Why is it doing that?”

Miabe: “I don’t know.”

Miabe: “I don’t like it.”

Miabe: “Me either.”

Miabe: “Make it stop doing that!”

Alerat: “What is that?”

Miabe: “That head rearing thing… brrr.”

Alerat heeds Miabe’s advice and attempts to topple over the green head that is rising above the rest of Tiamat.

Fez dances in for a quick 1 2 jab.

Alerat knocks Tiamat prone.

The DM: Tiamat stands up, and the rest of Tiamat’s heads rise up to join the green one. Then their maws open releasing a a vast torrent of many forms of enery ((Close blast 5, all but Gwyddon)).

Miabe: “I TOLD YOU SO!”

Alerat: “I tried!”

Gwyddon: “Ooo…that might sting.”

Alerat is pouring blood all over the place (-35)

Alerat Alerat is DIEHARD!

Alerat: ((Until you aren’t dying or until the end of the encounter, the dying condition doesn’t cause you to fall unconscious, but you are dazed.))

Miabe: “Ohmigosh… I thought I was a goner…”

Gwyddon smashes the blue and green heads together.

The DM: The green throat is crushed by the hand. The head flals around a moment before it’s tongue lolls out and it hand’s limply in the magical fist

Gwyddon: “Excellent.”

Miabe: whining, beseeching complaints about the vagaries of magic


The DM: Tiamat spreads her wings to fly toward the Altar

Gwyddon: “Missed me.”

Gwyddon grabs the Black and Blue heads.

Miabe: as Tiamat’s black head spits at Miabe, it bumps a ceiling tile loose, which lands on the floor. When Tiamat’s tail sweeps to recover her balance, the tile is bounced up to strike the black head square in the forehead, deflecting some of the acid breath back

Miabe: “Darn it!”

James LaManna: “Spggghhh”

Gwyddon: “I hope the dwarf does not die.”

Miabe: “Wait what?”

Miabe: “Where’s Fezfez…”

The DM: Tiamat roars as it charges over alerat to Miabe

Miabe:YEEEK! Where are all my other…”

Miabe: bitten bitey bit

Gwyddon smashes the white and blue heads together.

The DM: Tiamat’s body goes rigid then begins to crack. The pieces fly apart like shards of glass around the room. They pass through solid objects and disappear. A faint glowing aura remains for a moment where she stood. Here eyes glare hatred at you as this fades and she is gone.

Miabe: cowering and expecting the final bite… “Wuh…. wuh wuh…”

Gwyddon: “Heal the dwarf!”

Alerat: “I’m working on it”

Gwyddon: “And the boy!”

Miabe: "I just… I just about… that was…. " stays still and shakes

Gwyddon: “I did not even draw my sword. Odd.”


James LaManna: “Gggppppftrtght”

Gwyddon: “I think we are alone now.”

Miabe: still shivering and shaking, totally oblivious to the medical drama taking place in the room

Gwyddon puts his arm around Miabe.

Gwyddon: “We are fine, Miabe.”

Gwyddon: “We did it.”

Miabe: “We just…. we’re still alive! Even Allie bro, weird…”

Alerat: “Careful what you call ‘alive’.”

Fez: “Gggppppftrtght”

Miabe: “Oh, right, Fezfez…”

Log 01-16-2013

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