Gwyddon Cleddyfa


Level 13 Hybrid Wizard/Swordmage


Baldur’s Gate City Watch
Nightly Incident Report
15 Marpenoth, Year of the Ageless One 1479 DR

Watch Sergeant Vaylon Waters reporting

Midnight, Elfsong Tavern
Disturbance reported. Upon arrival noted deceased human, age approx. 30, armed with dagger and broadsword still in scabbards. Cause of death: slashed throat. Staff and witnesses report the deceased had an argument with a moon elf, described as tall, pale of skin and white of hair, wearing a dark greatcoat and armed with a longsword.

Blink Shortfingers, halfling merchant, claims to have overheard the human accuse the elf of killing his brother. The elf denied this, at which point the human started to draw his weapons. Before he could, the moon elf had drawn his longsword and cut the human’s throat.

Conclusion: Self defense, meat wagon notified.

2 Bells, Blushing Mermaid
Double homicide reported. Upon arrival noted deceased dwarf, age approx. 110, armed with warhammer, cause of death: disembowelment, and Halfling, age approx. 25 armed with sling and shortsword, cause of death: multiple stab wounds. Witnesses describe an altercation between the deceased and a tall moon elf with white hair wearing a dark grey greatcoat and armed with a longsword.

Dealos Brightsong, wood elf harpist, says the dwarf called the moon elf “Gwyddon Cleddyfa.” The elf expressed some surprise upon seeing the dwarf, saying “I thought you were charred bones in the Cave of Nightmares.” The dwarf replied, “I almost was, no thanks to you,” upon which he swung his hammer. The elf parried, slicing the dwarf’s belly open. Then the halfling, hiding in the back, flung a sling bullet, but the moon elf was no longer there. He was behind the halfling, who was then hacked to pieces by the elf’s sword and “magical floating blades.”

Conclusion: Self defense, meat wagon notified.

3 ½ Bells, Splurging Sturgeon
Fire and murder reported. Upon arrival noted small blaze the fire volunteers had extinguished. Inside were six burned bodies, cause of death unknown. All demi-humans of indeterminate race, wearing leather armor.

Most witnesses had fled, but Regor Strongwine, a human fisherman, said that a black cloaked elven archmage wielding a flaming greatsword in either hand had killed 12 assassins inside by exploding their heads with his black magic. This is most likely a sailor’s hyperbole.

Conclusion: Witness unreliable, meat wagon notified.

6 Bells, The Low Lantern
Watchmen going off duty report a tall, pale, white-haired moon elf in a charcoal greatcoat with a longsword on his hip drinking whiskey at the bar. They did not approach.

Watch Commander Harbo Granitefist’s note:
Gwyddon Cleddyfa, aka Gwyddon the Cursed, aka Cursed Gwyddon, aka the Hexed Elf, etc., an adventurer of ill repute, is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. He seems to start no fights, but violence follows him. He is a master of blade and spell. Watchmen are to seek Level 9 Flaming Fist support before approaching. Even then, he may disappear from before your eyes suddenly.

End report.

Gwyddon Cleddyfa

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